About us

I’m Emma Lalumandier, owner, founder and creative force behind Lamplighter Jewelry, a one-woman studio based in Richmond, VA where every piece of jewelry is hand made from scratch using reclaimed precious metals and a mix of natural and organic materials. 


My business began in 2011 with local art and craft shows and an Etsy store.  I'm a self taught jeweler and I am passionate about having a unique style. This is what drove me to start creating jewelry back in 2001 and continues to steer me to push my own boundaries and to keep a fresh perspective and an aesthetic that continues to evolve.

My designs are simple, yet beautiful and are truly unique. My style is natural in a loose, free-form way that highlights the beauty in each finely handcrafted piece. Perfect for everyday wear yet chic enough for anytime wear.

What sets me apart, aside from the designs themselves, is the versatility I build into my jewelry. By creating jewelry that is interchangeable, I put a lot of control in the hands of the buyer. With little surprises to interchange necklaces to bracelets or designs to mix, match and layer, there’s a collaboration that takes place giving the wearer a hand in the final design that becomes part of their collection.

This excites me and drives me to push the boundaries of jewelry design and to continue to develop transformative styles that involve the wearer in the end look.